The B2B Future Shopper Report


Wunderman Thompson has released the second edition of the B2B Future Shopper Report. This report brings to light findings from the UK, US, and China spanning from channel choices, technology, purchasing pain points, and desired solutions.


Online spending has skyrocketed over the course of the pandemic, but 52% of firms are still frustrated with the B2B online purchasing experience. This has caused 53% of them to switch suppliers for purchases over the course of the past year.

Wunderman Thompson has released the second version of their B2B Future Shopper Report, surveying over 1000 B2B buyers across the UK, US, and China, with expert analysis companies within Wunderman Thompson. This report takes a closer look at what is making B2B markets so complex and the growing demand for more B2C experiences to be incorporated into B2B.

Download The B2B Future Shopper Report and gain a better understanding of how B2B markets have changed and what a post-pandemic future might look like.


  • B2B Online Buying Behavior
  • The Online B2B Customer Journey
  • The Best B2B Shopping experience
  • The Future of B2B Buying

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