Why Marketplaces Are a Must For Omni-Channel B2B


96% of B2B buyers find marketplaces more convenient than buying through individual supplier portals.

Although marketplaces may appear to pose a competitive challenge to established B2B vending models, there’s no denying they set the benchmark for what digital commerce can achieve. They are convenient, agile, accessible, and tie together the different parts of the purchasing process into one seamless journey, from discovery through to delivery. More importantly, they offer what B2B buyers want. Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that a staggering 74% of B2B buyers expect to shop through Amazon Business in the future, as our research confirms.
In this guide, as part of the B2B vendor series, we uncover the opportunity marketplaces present to B2B vendors and how they can add significant value to your omni-channel strategy. 

For a high-level overview of our findings, check out this highlight reel and download the full guide via the form below.

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